About Us


BritBears is a gay London based social group created by and for those who identify with the bear community.

The bear community is a thriving gay sub-community in London and one that is growing every year. As bears, we enjoy similar hot-spots and ‘safe spaces’ around the city for socializing at bars and clubs, shopping, working out, going a little wild and meeting new people.

Just like the bear scene, BritBears prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming entity and encourages its community of members and followers to utilize those businesses and brands that enrich the day to day lives of the bear community in whatever way that they do - be it big or small. We also believe that the bear community is one of the most welcoming within London’s LGBT scene and we encourage our members and followers to expand the scene through meeting new people, accepting others into their friendship networks and engaging with fellow members, and we promote this type of interaction at social gatherings, bear venue ‘takeovers’ and one on one conversations, as well as engaging members and friends through our website and social media channels.

We believe that interacting with others in the community encourages and promotes our vision of a friendly, welcoming and accepting environment.

BritBears annual membership offer members and their friends the opportunity to socialise at many BritBear organised events such as pub crawls, picnics in the summer, low-key gatherings or partner venue takeovers; all spaces that are inclusive and welcoming and where members can meet new people and hang out with their growing network of friends. There are also plans to hold a monthly BritBear member-only event at a partner venue. Memberships also offer a variety of discounts, concessions and/or offers at a large variety of partner businesses and brands around the capital. A full list of our partners can be found here.

Our partners are promoted by BritBears online through our website, our social media channels and at our events as key businesses for the bear community and we encourage our members to use our partner businesses for all of their shopping, eating out, relaxing and nightlife needs.

All money received from membership fees are put back into the club to cover costs such as website maintenance, marketing tools and events and the remainder is donated to the current years charities that help to serve the LGBT community.

BritBears is a not for profit team of volunteers, all passionate about bringing people together, helping promote bear and LGBT friendly businesses and brands and helping the charities close to the LGBT community with their tireless efforts to raise awareness of sexual and mental health.


BritBears was created in 2018 out of a desire to do something positive within the community, for the community and its charities in HIV and mental health awareness, a love of the capital’s nightlife, a respect for the passion and creativity of the many local bear artists and appreciation of the many small businesses who create a welcoming environment for the LGBT and bear community. Since its birth, the BritBears team has grown to include some of the most passionate and committed members of the community who all play a vital part in delivering a positive and fun experience for all of its members.