Is BritBears for profit? Where does the money from member dues and donations go?

No, BritBears does not operate as a business to make profit, but rather to raise money for charities. The BritBears Constitution requires that money be donated to charity at the end of each operating year.

Do any of the Directors or members of BritBears get paid?

No. Members of BritBears are volunteers and nobody gets paid for performing duties as a Director or for doing work on a committee. However, the Club can specifically contract a non-member person or entity to perform a service for a fee and pay for it from the general fund.

I am not what most people would call a 'bear'. Can I still join BritBears?

Absolutely! We don’t attempt to define what a bear is or isn’t, and we are open to all. Our goal is to reach people who identify, or want to associate, with the bear community.

How does BritBears operate and what is your business structure?

BritBears is an Unincorporated Association and we operate under the rules established in our Constitution.