Taylor Trash confirms to perform at launch party

As we get closer and closer toward the big launch event at the Eagle – happening on Thursday August 2nd so we hope to see you there and be sure to tell all your friends because it’s going to be super amazing and you will be talking about it for weeks and weeks to come (and breath!) – we are now very happy to announce in a post all on its own because the news its THAT amazing – Taylor Trash – yes, you read those words correctly – Taylor Trash has said an unconditional ‘YES’ to not just performing at our launch event, but she will be hosting the spectacular. 
Photo Credit: Dan Govan
We are all smiling from ear to fabulous ear here in the BritBears office (aka our sofa in North London) and can’t wait for the self-described Southern Belle-end to help make our launch night on August 2nd, yes, August 2nd, the best launch night that this town has seen in many moons. We hope to see you there.
(Photo Credit: Jan Klos)
For those unfamiliar with her amazing work, Taylor Trash is London’s ONLY Southern Belle-end! Hailing from the deep deep deep Deep South, she is a parody singing comedy queen and hostess known for her charm and southern hospitality. Having came third in Meth’s Not Another Drag Competition season 3,  Taylor has gone on to host a bi-weekly cabaret night at Stane St Syndicate, Clapham, a monthly show at Her Upstairs and launched her very own club night, TRASHED at The Glory in May. She was featured in Vogue Italia as part of photographer Jan Klos’ series ‘Queens at Home’ and her image was displayed for a Vogue exhibition in Milan, ‘When Ethics Meet Aesthetics’.
Photo Credit: Thursday

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